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Slideshow (6 Images munich police on Sunday arrested a 16-year-old Afghan youth as a possible tacit accomplice to the shooting and said he was suspected of having failed to report the gunmans plans.
German lawmaker Stephan Mayer, a spokesman for Merkels conservatives in parliament, told Reuters he supported stricter regulations on the weapons trade and the creation of a European weapons registry modeled on the German national registry.
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But De Maiziere, a strong advocate of increased video surveillance, said German gun laws were already very strict and it was critical to understand how the attacker had obtained his pistol.There are many more similar machete cases which best friend bracelet for guys can be seen here, here, here.A leader of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD)posted a Twitter message after the Munich shooting that said, Merkels unity party: thank you for the terror in Germany and Europe!Not much details have come out as of now from the German authorities, other than the attacker and the Polish woman knew each other.Twitter: Jenan Moussa, this type of crime may be uncommon, but similar things have happened in America, UK and other European countries.The message was later deleted.The attacker was completely out of his mind.Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust dream woman wanted, christian facebook Principles).The so-called street, is really more of an alley, tucked away behind a group of 18th century houses, which were created after a devastating fire in 1727.Should this happen, Spreuerhofstrasse would no longer be classified as a street and it would simply be another unremarkable alley.There have been no ties to terrorism found in the Munich shooting, but Riyad appears to have been inspired by isis, and the Islamic State has claimed him as a member.
Marine Brian Brimager, who pleaded guilty to killing his girlfriend and dismembering her body with a machete.
It also comes several days after a 17-year-old ax-wielding refugee from Afghanistan, Muhammad Riyad, wounded five people on a train in southern Germany.