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An abridged translation into German with commentary by Alfred Feilchenfeld appeared in 1922.
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Gluckel of best dating site for married man Hameln authored one of the earliest-known Jewish memoirs detailing the rise and fall of her own fortunes (Schachter.) She had great judgment for business transactions, and when she was widowed at age 54 she took over her husbands business to ensure her childrens.For Gluckel, while Poland represented disaster and knowledge, Palestine was the incarnation of past and of hope.Bertha Pappenheim, a descendant of hers, translated the Memoirs into German and published them in Vienna in 1910.In Metz, she conducted negotiations for the marriage of one of her daughters, revealing even then a profound lack of cultural comprehension.The only places that really existed for her where those where she could find business, relatives, or coreligionists.The seventeenth-century Jewish lady conducted matrimonial alliances for her family in a manner more reminiscent of the high nobility of the.Rabinovitz,.Z., Introduction to the Hebrew Translation of "Memories of Glikl, Dvir, Tel Aviv, 1929."Entrepreneurs." Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia.Liptzin, Sol, A History of Yiddish Literature, Jonathan David Publishers, Middle Village, NY, 1972, isbn.Sabbatai Zevi or the impact of the Swedish wars waged by King Charles XII.Jewish businesswoman and diarist, whose account of her life provides scholars with an intimate picture of Jewish life in Germany in the late-seventeenth-early eighteenth century.