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Ensure flexible arrangements are working successfully for both genders.
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Is there formal, measurable feedback to assess office-wide progress (e.g., annual survey)?But once I did, once I accepted that the energy I exude and the way I approach my husband directly affects his response and behavior, I changed my tune.Confidence and commitment levels are in fact lower for men who work flexibly than those who dont (see Figure 7).Making all the decisions is exhausting.As David Thodey, former Telstra CEO and member of the Male Champions of Change, points out, management philosophies have not kept up with technological advances.By not arguing with him, or by not directing his traffic, or by being more service-orientedand marvel at the response.By actively encouraging flexible arrangements and ensuring they are widely used, organisations stand to gain 35 advocacy points.Being feminine isnt about being beautiful or svelte, or even about wearing high heels (although those things are nice).Im an alpha all day long, and it gets tiresome.10 Julie Coffman and Russ Hagey, Flexible Work Models: How to Bring Sustainability to a 24/7 World, Bain Report, October 2010,.Our research shows that organisations in Australia stand to benefit from offering and encouraging the uptake of flexible work arrangements.
But key challenges remain in making flexible working a standard and successful option for all employees.
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