wife wants no sex after pregnancy

One father hadn't done it in 16 months.
A 'dirty weekend' will help to remind your wife of the fun you used to have before you became 'Mummy and Daddy'." Rosie "You could 'romance' her on a online dating adult personals more day-to-day basis.My brain was feeling randy as hell but my body didn't want to know.Often, they haven't made love for a long time after birth and are having difficulty restarting their sex life.EceSo right now, it feels like were little more than roommates.My body is hanging onto the last bit of baby weight, and Im stuck in almost-too-big maternity clothes or still-too-tight fat jeans.Id been feeling self-conscious about my new body shape, and felt very tense whenever my partner made any advances towards.'I can accept it and wait until the cycle completes itself.These are often the 'supermums the ones on the covers of magazines who breastfeed for four years and who, on the surface, appear to be the most perfect and wonderful mothers.'.Learning New Tricks, as you get closer to the Big Day (or Big Night, as the case may be you may find your partner requesting that you acquire some new skills.Sometimes the woman uses the relationship with the baby to exclude the bloke until eventually she drives him out.Ilana, an antenatal teacher with the National Childbirth Trust, says that 'sex is always mentioned as a potential problem.Tell her you respect that things have changed.Kelly "With our first baby, I took a long time to heal.