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17 River Quoile, County Down - The Riverrun dock, for Hoster Tully 's funeral scene in Season 3's " Walk of Punishment ".16 Sandy Brae, Kilkeel location of Vaes Dothrak, in the heart of the grasslands known as the Dothraki Sea.And it allowed us to save (starter Grant Hockin).49 50 Christie explained that she was actually with Bart the bear in the pit, though in real life the crew was being friendly to the bear and saying encouraging things to keep him calm.This was the location of the garden party in Qarth that Daenerys is invited to in Season 2's " The Ghost of Harrenhal where she socializes with the city's elites.Upland Foothill also advanced as Pincin struck out a pair of batters with the bases loaded to save a 5-3 decision over Colton Ken Hubbs.Starting in, season 2, filming branched out to two new countries: Croatia and Iceland.Paint Hall studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where most of the interior sets are located (such as the.However, a post on the official Making Game of Thrones blog in September 2013 revealed that Season 4 would switch back to having only two units, and the extra "Raven" unit would be disbanded.11 Ballymoney - the field of willows here was used as another part of the Dothraki Sea in Season 1 (separate from Vaes Dothrak, which was filmed away south in Sandy Brae).We were feeling pretty after the first homer with Brendon on the mound and comfortable after the second one.The Rowallane Gardens were also the location of Winterfell's sacred Godswood.Many of the large interior sets are located at their studios in Belfast, including the massive Paint Hall studio.In, season 1, filming also took place in Malta for scenes set in the Free City.Navarre Girona Girona, Spain - Beginning in Season 6, Oldtown and parts of King's Landing and Braavos (in Season 5, locations outside of Split, Croatia were used for Braavos).