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Forecasters expect today to best friend jewelry gold be cold and sunny with another freezing night.
'Tonight we could see the coldest night of the year down to possible -10C, there's definitely a chance.' Yesterday parts of the north awoke to inches of snow, following one of the warmest winters on record.Met Office forecaster Charles Powell said that today will be cold and sunny with another freezing night, although New Year's Eve is expected to be milder, and wet and windy.They were only able to resume their journey.45am yesterday morning.Mr Powell said: 'Tonight will be cold, with the lowest temperatures expected in England and Wales he said.Britons are bracing for another chilly day with temperatures struggling to rise above freezing in most parts of the country this monring.We got on a VIP coach but it was still sliding.She said the church had just installed a new heating system and the passengers were kept warm and some were able to doze in comfy chairs under blankets and duvets provided by parishioners.Passenger Chantelle Esposito said: 'The locals who have brought out blankets, tea, coffee, food and shelter have been a blessing.There will be mist and fog patches across Cumbria, County Tyrone and central northern Scotland, but that should mostly clear by this afternoon.Check room temperatures especially those rooms where disabled or vulnerable people spend most of their time.'But we should have some milder weather later this week and some rain and wind just in time for New Year.'.
'There was always a risk of it and warnings were out in advance, the trouble is people don't watch the news and weather quite as much over Christmas so you suddenly wake up and think 'what happened there?' Mr Partridge find savings bond maturity date added.
Its driver was uninjured, but said more gritting was needed across the region to avoid similar accidents.