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Mother and women meet rich in munchen Son Die in Cottage Blaze 10/04/13 An 83 year old woman and her 52 year old son died after a huge fire tore through their cottage in Copthorne on Saturday night.
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The local authority in the area where the child ordinarily lives is best placed to monitor the needs of the child and to take action if the child is in need and to shoulder the financial obligations of doing. .Police became aware of his activities after discovering that he was making images available to other paedophiles via a peer-to-peer sharing website.She performed this role for over 2 years before being appointed as the substantive Chief Constable in November 2016.Southern Water arrived at around 8am and shut off the supply but could not prevent extensive damage to several homes.Dansell arranged the consultation at Stanhill Court to discuss the plans with local residents, but they did not expect the level of fierce opposition and hostility that they received.Stamp Down on Benefit Fraud 26/09/10 A report released by the Audit Governance Committee of Crawley Borough Council reveals that fraudsters have unlawfully claimed more than 38,000 in bogus benefits since the beginnign of April 2010.Homes Flooded by Burst Water Main 20/08/14 Firefighters were called to Broadfield yesterday to protect homes from flooding after a water main burst.Torrential rain and gale force winds struck overnight on 23rd December, resulting in flooding throughout the county.The school first fell foul of Ofsted in May 2013 when a report deemed the teaching and leadership inadequate resulting in the school being placed in special measures.It is clear from the statement in support of the application for a care order and the application itself that Kent CC were not in agreement with the placement of W with her mother in the community.e.Fortunately, the junior school was unaffected and re-opened today.The turning on of the lights signals the official start of Christmas shopping season, with most shops in town staying open until 8pm on Thursday nights.After the unveiling, Crawley went on to beat Oxford United 4-1.School Could Lose Government Funding 28/06/13 A Crawley primary school have been told that they they could lose their funding twoo largest dating site from the Department for Education if they do not make urgent improvements.The new development, which will only be separated from the Crawley border by the M23 motorway, has caused concern over infrastructure from Crawley residents, and concern from Copthorne residents that the development will effectively merge the village with Crawley, thus losing their independent identity.
The raider, who wore a hood and face mask, entered William Hill on The Boulevard in Crawley at around.30pm on Wednesday brandishing what staff believed to be a handgun wrapped in a red plastic bag.