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The court heard Pratt was convicted at the age of 18 of masturbating in public place where school children were present, as well as the sexual assault of a young woman in New Zealand.
Found guilty of 1 count of rape/ 1 count of choking with the intent of committing an offence.
Priest, aged 57 at the time, told Jamie his age and spoke explicitly to him about sex.
Phillips was a member of the Vincentian community at St Stanislaus Catholic College in 1990 as well as a part-time teacher and sports coach.The Supreme Court in Hobart heard there were psychological reasons behind his offending.Police found 1181 graphic images on his computer, including children being tied up and sexually assaulted.Pearce is due to complete his sentence in May 2005.The court heard Pratt was reeling from a relationship breakdown when he logged onto a teen chat room at Elysium Cafe on Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley on February 26, 2011.Prior-jailed in 2005 for a maximum of 7 yrs for offences against a woman he grabbed and raped twice in bushes.Offence/Other : Priestley had children from 9-13 yrs old, delivering leaflets for him.The medical expert found it was likely that low reasoning and logic was impacting on his judgment at the time of offending."It was my secret.Porter spent 248 days in custody awaiting sentencing and was released.Offence/Other : Former Primary School Teacher.Sentenced in May 2013 to 6yrs jail/ convicted 2 counts of conspiracy.Offence/Other : Goran Pajic/ Repeat Offender - 2011/ pleaded guilty to a charge of detaining a woman by force with the intention of taking part in an act of sexual penetration.Served 18 months jail in en moved to Victoria in 2009.Offence/Other : Matthew Pratt- Repeat Offender.Found guilty of 5 charges- Victims were 3 Nepalese boys aged 13 and.An Australian sex offender list ventura county Federal Police-led investigation, started three years ago, has led to the arrest of 184 people - including 31 Australians - over that time as well as the rescue of 230 children from suspected abuse.He went to live with his mother when his father was jailed.Brett Linton Pettersen, 28, pleaded guilty to possessing a collection of more than 1100 videos and images of child pornography, the majority of which depicted children under 10 years old.