sex offender list on facebook

His lawyers say no evidence pointed to Packingham using Facebook or his computer to communicate with minors or that he posted anything inappropriate or obscene.
Packingham, 36, was forbidden by a 2008 North Carolina law from using commercial social networking sites like Facebook that children could join.As for other social media, Instagram has a similar policy and reporting tool to Facebook.Its unfortunate Rumenap said.He was arrested for posting on Facebook after he got a traffic ticket thrown out.Other states restrict Internet use as a condition of parole, or ban from social networking sites only those who commit certain crimes.Advocates say this is about free speech.North fuck contacts nurnberg Carolina has attempted even greater restrictions.Now the Supreme Courts task is deciding whether the law, meant to prevent communications between sex offenders and minors via social media, is so broad that it violates the Constitutions free-speech protections.Roger, the registered offender who talked with Circa, hopes for a day when social media sites will give them a second chance.Giving a blanket denial of access to Facebook doesnt help Roger said.Lawyers arguing on Monday are expected to continue that dispute.The law applies to websites open to those under.
Thats because hes a registered sex offender who was convicted of indecent liberties with a minor when he was.