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Experienced editors should have prior experience in VE, so they understand the interface.
Ask for help and participation from relevant WikiProjects, if a project exists.Photo Credit: ThinkStock, mamas Link, dC Metro Area m, events: Click here for full schedule.If you adult contacts free would like to hone your knowledge, develop your professional skills sets, dialogue with likeminded peers, and engage with the wider community, consider joining ypia and getting involved with our Programs!In smaller spaces it is better to decide which volunteers will do which things and have them go to the participants.If there are many people and not enough t-shirts or other materials, you can raffle them off to be fair and create some fun.They should also know where the user guide is located.Resembling an airport, Kidtopia features half a dozen kid-friendly structures, like airplanes and an air traffic control tower, that the kids can climb up, slide down and play.Either scenario promises tons of fun and activities for the kids while you take a little time off to enjoy some grown-up time.and where they're most likely.Geographically-specific software notice ; these invite existing editors via their watchlist.If you expect more than a handful of people and, particularly, if people aren't all going to show up at once, consider having someone volunteer to be a "greeter to welcome people as they arrive and help them get started.If the venue has receptionists then introduce yourself and make sure they know what to tell people who ask for the Wikipedia event (if you have bling then offer the receptionist a badge, biro or beermat).See also edit Edit-a-thon on the Outreach wiki ArtFeminism Organizing Kit - An find fucking editathon organizing kit, that works well for dealing with topics related to WP:Systemic Bias, specifically about underrepresented or minority community External links sex contact gezocht edit.Edit-a-thons improve the encyclopedia and can be a great way to help new Wikipedians learn to edit.Photo Credit: ThinkStock, busy moms unite: Whether its to get back into shape, let the kids run wild and free or to escape motherly responsibilities for a little while, check out one of these best bets to meet other moms in and around the.2014.10.11 Litquake edit-a-thon, San Francisco, CA * 2014.10.17 Wikipedia:Meetup/DC/Human Origins * 2014.10.21 University of Michigan/Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on Social Justice Topics * 2014.10.23 Gender Sex Activism Yesterday and Today 2014, Victoria, BC, Canada * 2014.11.06 Australia Women of Neuroscience edit-a-thon on Australian female neuroscientists.Price: Single classes start at 15; options available.All are welcome learn more about ypia and sign up for upcoming events!
Then, tailor your outreach to the audience(s) you're trying to reach.
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