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Retrieved (in German) "10.000 Euro sex offender search king county Belohnung ausgesetzt: Polizei sucht mit Fahndungsplakat nach Tätern" Exposed to 10,000 Euro reward: Police seek offenders with wanted posters.
They also rescued women by pulling them into the building.200 The economic professor Hans-Werner Sinn stated on 1 February, "The events of the New Year's night in Cologne are harbingers of massive social conflicts in the coming years and decades.Tidholm remained critical of the business.Retrieved Köcher, Renate (16 December 2015).91 Düsseldorf police told reporters they were investigating whether the attacks in Cologne were linked to a gang of roughly 2,000 North African men, a known criminal network in Düsseldorf."dutch cabinet, MPS angered BY cologne mayor'S mass SEX assault remarks".In one residence, 20 cellphones were found, one of which had been stolen on New Year's Eve.Retrieved (in German) Bibliography External links edit Coordinates : 505632N 65728E /.9422N.9578E /.9422;.9578.In addition to defensive sprays, Cologne police said it had already received more than 300 applications from adults wanting to carry imitation handguns and so-called gas pistols.95 The perpetrators were described as groups of young male migrants who showed "no respect for women".If their side gets bigger, our side needs.