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Please mail any official documents to our support email address.Here at American Sex Contacts dating and swingers site we have a extremely broad range of users from mature women and housewives right through to horny students and sexy American milfs looking for sex and adult fun.The phrase scheduled sex evokes dread for most couples.If you like consistency, you may want to agree that Fridays are always your day for doing.Get on Board With Scheduled Sex.You can also include things youve never tried before, but have been curious about.Thats why I encourage couples to create a bare minimum agreement.Take Turns Being in Charge, take turns taking the lead on your sex dates.We have the idea that sex is always supposed to be spontaneous, so making the decision to schedule sex feels like an admission that your sex life is officially dead.Its important for you and your partner to acknowledge and thank each other for that work.Illustration by Jim Cooke.You can make scheduling sex feel much more personaland more excitingif you and your partner have a conversation about the type of scheduling that usually works for other activities in your life.If youre hyper-scheduled people, the detail-oriented parts of your brains may enjoy having a sit-down at the beginning of the month and scheduling specific time blocks for intimacy.Yes, its sad to recognize how complicated it can be to make the space for sex.Yes, calling all sexy women and horny girls - you can join American Sex Contacts completely free!Meet new adult friends, find love or just find your next sex partner or fuck buddy!But it certainly doesnt need to be!If not, youll still have an opportunity to connect.Get gussied up for each other like you used to before your dates.You can bring back that element of anticipation.