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A group of high school girls are trying to make it easier for people to protect themselves from having their drinks spiked with date-rape drugs.
Any ideas or data on how sex the night before a test affects the PSA results?Imrt to prostate and lymph nodes started on, HDR Brachytherapy December 6 and 13, 2010.Left nerve spared Path: pT3a pN0 R1 GS9(45) Pos margins on rt 24 mo ADT3 7/12 - 7/14 Adjuvant imrt.6 Gy 10/17/12 - 12/13/12 Incontinent, Trimix, VED, (sling?) Forum Moderator - Not a Medical Professional Back to Top NKinney Veteran Member Date Joined Oct 2013.Jeremy Jeffers, Class of 2010 is doing great things with his basketball program that couples basketball skills with the importance of education within our community.His personal and family medical history was unremarkable.Back to Top FoxRun Veteran Member Date Joined Aug 2011 Total Posts : 804 Posted 11/4/2014 2:58 PM (GMT -6) NKinney said.However, in pay for sex dorset other studies examining the same effect in men pre-treatment, the transient effect was generally diminished, with an additional "margin after 48-hours.Of internet searching) just the general response your getting in this thread.One month later it was.2.Stage T1C, cT neg 8/5/11 87 I-125 seeds.It should be noted that for unexplained reasons, some men did experience transient PSA following ejaculation in both the pre-treatment groups and the post-brachytherapy group while other men in both groups did not experience transient PSA following ejaculation.Read These Stories Next: 11 Things No One Tells You About Going Off The Pill.You probably won't find one, I never could find one (after a couple of hrs.What, s the difference between these two tests?Serum total PSA after ten days was.2 ng/ml, but the percent free PSA was 27 (normal 20).Very significant." I'd love(sic) to be a fly on the wall in that bedroom!" That study was for someone with a prostate.Supposedly the PSA test for those of us without prostates is not affected by the big O, but, I still abstain to remain consistent.All 4 things I just mentioned have the potential to raise the psa (which came back at 13)Which got me a trip to the URO.That was back in mid March Had the LDR seed implants June 4th.
That it only tests for two drugs, when there are many others that can be used in a drink to alter a woman's consciousness or judgment.
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