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Stafford was released with the understanding that to have sex tonight he would submit to a polygraph test the next day.
He explained detectives believe Stafford picked Slinger up at her Massillon home and drove along SR 800 to the area of Sandy Valley Estates in Magnolia to discuss custody of their daughter.Captain Nelson added that Stafford and the missing woman, 27-year-old Christine Slinger, have an 8-year-old daughter together.Watch: exclusive: Shania Twain on First Album in 15 adult friend girl Years, Overcoming 'Traumatizing' Divorce and Losing Her Voice.The investigation then lead them back to the residence on North Broadway on Tuesday afternoon.Investigators note that according to Stafford, Slinger demanded to be let out of the car at that time."Life's About to Get Good" is an upbeat track that celebrates life's unexpected adventures and getting over being "shattered" from a previous relationship.Heart For Life, Colon For Life, Lung For Life and Brain For Life.Scan For Life does not recommend The Whole (Total) Body CT Scan, which is a simple and non-specific body scan performed at other centres.However; Captain Nelson confirmed that the next day officers were unable to locate him.These scans expose you to a relatively high X-ray (radiation) dose without a significant, proven medical benefit.I Feel Like a Woman.".While they clean out her closet, the grammy winner puts on her iconic "Man!This scan is appropriate in the diagnostic (referral) situation.
Investigators are asking anyone along SR 800 between the areas from Massillon to New Philadelphia to be on the look-out for Slinger and to call police with any information.