polish woman looking for German man

So ethnic Polish women can't possibly marry a German, that's what you're saying?
Join now for free, 33283 registered and confirmed members from Poland and abroad cannot be wrong!The Anglo-Saxons are of partial German descent since they originate from the German region of Saxony."The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" you know.That's all these threads are about and yes, some people do start topics like that.Do you like Poland?More German women proportionally like non-German men in comparison to Polish women liking non-Polish men.He might as well start a topic that says 'Why are Polish people such.The Anglo-Saxons are of partial German descent.They shouldn't be allowed.The Anglo-Saxons started to die out centuries ago.And the prettier the German woman e more she wants to marry a non-German man.Same applies to German guys with Polish ancestry.While you don't need a high IQ, you do have to be able to sustain a worthwhile conversation otherwise your trophy wife will be spending her time with another man.The overwhelming majority of German women prefer German men.You love who you love.Germans invented the first practical internal combustion engine.The aspects that we all admire about German culture, are also aspects that turn women off.Maybe some Polish girls find German men more attractive but this does not male Polish men less good looking.In many respects Germans can be considered the masters of planning and logistics, as they tend to be very detail-oriented and, perhaps, perfectionists.And as always you don't provide any link for the studies I doubt that.
The highly efficient diesel engine is an invention women get to know Hesse of the great Bavarian Rudolf Diesel.