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Ive also visited a lot of countries where hassling tourists is a thing and I think Ive gotten weirdly good at blocking out comments I dont want to hear, never making eye contact with men, and quickly turning down offers from people while trying not to come.
I learned quickly that I needed to conserve my energy.
In this HRW video, Moroccan comedian and feminist activist Mounia Magueri plays the men looking for women for free role of a domestic violence survivor, an abusive husband, a police officer, and a prosecutor and highlights the problem of domestic violence from different angles.
If youre a woman packing for your first trip to Morocco, chances are youve wondered what should go in your suitcase.However, when I was reading through blog posts about Morocco I so wanted to see just one positive experience where hassling wasnt a problem at all, just to give me hope that maybe it wouldnt be an issue for me either.I think its the worst for people who have traveled enough that theyre over the honeymoon phase of traveling (is that a thing?) but not enough to already be used to places like Morocco.Ive also stopped feeling guilty for ignoring people.Will your boyfriend be there?Per the recommendation of blogger, maroc Mama, I went to an art event put.At first we smiled and brushed it off, but we came to understand that ignoring the attention was the only way to make it go away, she says.But more importantly, from the stories I had heard about female travelers getting harassed by people in Morocco, I was starting to worry that something about tourism there was broken.Share it with us in the comments below!I spent two weeks in the country I am no expert at all.Now when men sex offender map idaho approach me and beg me to make future plans with them, I tell them that while theyre very nice, I prefer to have my time to myself.Spend Time in the Local Hammam.No one said a word.What do you think of my work?Talking to him felt completely different from all of the others I had met in the street.During her first trip to Morocco, Mouttaki and her sister felt somewhat harassed at times.Flickr/UN Women (Some rights reserved a 2009-10 national survey found that.8 of Moroccan women aged 18 to 65 had experienced some form of physical, psychological, sexual or economic violence.Most cafes and restaurants in Morocco have terraces, which immediately offer reprieve from the street.I mean, if locals were treating tourists so disrespectfully, maybe they really just didnt want them there.When I walked in the streets by myself, I chanted words of loving-kindness and smiled and nodded to people without acknowledging what they said.
Does that make sense?