meeting with Mrs merkel

A statement from the council said the focus would be on training, providing equipment and supporting the Libyan national coastguard.
The Russian president, who filmed his own instructional jiu-jitsu video, makes no secret of his physical prowess.
In a warm encounter in registered sex offender list in idaho Berlin, Mrs Merkel greeted Mr Obama as the pair took part in a panel discussion on democracy.
From The New Yorker (emphasis added "As the dog approached and sniffed her, Merkel froze, visibly frightened.Mr Trump's awkward apparent snub of the traditional handshake in the Oval Office.With less than four months before Germany's election, in which Mrs Merkel hopes to prolong her 11-year spell as Chancellor, Mr Obama hailed her "outstanding work" in the country and around the world.The summit was officially focused on the Mediterranean migration crisis.Despite this Ms Merkel has remained diplomatic and has made no comment on the perceived slights.Agreed by all the members of the EU, it is designed to reduce the numbers of people travelling and dying on their way to Europe.In an apparent reference to one of Mr Trump's flagship campaign promises, Mr Obama told the crowd: "We can't isolate ourselves.But a day after the government published its.Image: The US President was among the world leaders at a nato summit.Image: The former US president praised the 'outstanding' German Chancellor.The summit, held at the, grand Masters Palace in Valletta, was Mays first encounter with the other EU leaders since a meeting in Bratislava in December where she was pictured standing alone at one point as they chatted around her.The German Chancellors trip to the White House has been marked by several awkward moments after the no-nonsense stateswoman was snubbed for a handshake by the notoriously petulant Mr Trump and his later erroneous claim that Germany owes money the US for its defence spending.All they have is this.Mr Trump has accused Mr Obama of ordering the wiretapping of his Manhattan sex offender search pa home but has provided no evidence.
Asdf, russian President Vladimir Putin, right, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a joint news conference in Moscow's Kremlin on Nov.16, uters/Maxim Shemetov.
But Ms Merkels look of confusion at why Mr Trumps daughter, who has no formal role in the White House, was included in such a high level meeting is what has set social media ablaze with derision and anger.