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Being "turned ON" means feeling the electricity of being alive.
Do you wish to feel.
Orgasmic Meditation Sydney is a community of people moved by a deeper desire to connect, live at our full potential and create lives that are guided by desire that inspire our selves and others.Learn more, september 16 1:00 PM, fun Little Sex Games (perfect for creating intimacy) 9 Sex Love Explorers.Local meetings provide an environment of acceptance, safety, and encouragement for learning how to apply the Twelve Step Program in our lives.Plus, we've got a list of upcoming speed look like sex mp3 dating nights and our top picks for first date bars.By popular demand, Melbourne's sex-positive educators Curious Creatures are coming to Sydney for the first time, yay!We create communication games and fun interactive experiences, outside of the practice of OM so that you can feel the feeling of "Turn ON that we are speaking about before you have tried the practice.Kink 101 is one of our most popular.Masterful Lover * All about the big O * Conscious Sexuality Discussion Groups (including David Deida) * Snuggle Parties * One-on-one Coaching relationship and/or sexuality issues * Cuddle Cruises * Life Partner Quest groups and coaching * Conscious BonkBuddy and CuddleBuddy Groups * Tantra.Local groups are self-supporting from voluntary contributions of their members.Closed Meeting, closed Meetings are open only to those individuals who have a desire to stop their addictive sexual behaviour. .Find our more about all our events at our website, like us on our, adult friend personals facebook page.OUR mission: is to create a more sex-positive society by supporting all people to create more conscious, sustainable and succulent relationships through quality, fun and practical Sex and Relationship education.OM, the signature practice that we teach is a partnered consciousness practice and is an experience of being in the zone, as consuming as any extreme sport or start up venture!The result is their sex life improves, food tastes better, their connection to themselves and others deepen.Open Meeting, thursday - 8:00pm - Thursday Recovery (1 hour) - Closed Meeting.To watch a You Tube Clip on the Practice on Deepak Chopra TV click here: /XZB3F9G4raw, article in Elle Magazine here: wE also RUN.