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The state budget had no funds earmarked for adfa and looking for sexpartner the State Constitution barred deficit financing.
We know that Sandy Burgler took these docs, and now we have the admission of where they are Hitlery's Downfall - May 07, 2008 Once-secret memos question Clinton's honesty - May 08, 2008 A decade before Sen.
Literally within the blink of an eye she propelled herself to First Victim status.FR Comments Hillary Clinton pretends to reveal personal anguish over Lewinsky saga - Jan 18, 2008 I never doubted Bill's women meeting by sms love for me, ever, and I never doubted my faith and my commitment to our daughter and our extended family.Believe she is a same sex dating etiquette god deserving of voter worship.Msnbc'S Chelsea Confessions - Feb 13, 2008 Hillary's personal style of political warfare is ruthless, a bare-knuckles fight to the death.Did y'all see all that?A 3-inch incision was found over the femoral artery.FR Comments : Just a preview of the discomfort the entire Nation will feel if she wins it all The movie Hillary does not want you to see is coming to Los Angeles - Jan 26, 2008 Carl Bernstein: One of Worst Nights of 'Shopworn'.Had the pastors known about the likely sabotage of the Dubrovnik airports aviation systems, the death by gunshot wound to the chest of the manager of those systems, the purloining of Browns head x-rays, or the lead snowstorm visible in the photos of the same.Peter Paul, Stan Lee, and Senator Hillary Clinton - Sep 13, 2007 Is Hillary Clinton Abusing?Yes, nothing says personal warmth and connection like a Red Chinese dictator.You finally lost me at Bosnia." Ann Rosen Spector is a Center City psychologist and an adjunct member of the Psychology Department at Rutgers-Camden.FR Comments : Try too partisan.(Clintons have manipulated media into turning Obama's ethnicity into an issue) - Jan 25, 2008 Blacks Stung By Bill Clinton's Remarks - Jan 25, 2008 For nearly two decades, Yvette Wider, an African American, adored Bill Clinton.But Mrs Clinton denied her White House run was in disarray!This is the washington post, not the washington times.
Dec 04, 2007 Hillary tries to dig the dirt on Obama - from his kindergarten days!
Clinton's 1992 presidential race and had guaranteed a 3 million last-minute loan to a cash-short Clinton campaign just before the crucial New York primary in 1992.