maturity dates for corn

Common values for such maturity ratings range from about 2500 (earlier maturity hybrids) to 2800 (later maturity) for hybrids commonly grown in Indiana.
Driving down the back roads in mid-Michigan, the corn looks pretty good, but will it make it to maturity?
For example, if P0987AMX is planted on May 1 and again on May 20, then instead of an 8- to 10-day delay in silking, you may observe only a 4- to 5-day difference.
The usual term for this is " physiological maturity " and is often associated with the development of the black layer at the tip of the mature kernel.Making observations in your own field will give you an idea where you stand today.Example: Similar harvest moisture with different silking dates: Pioneer P0533AM1 brand corn is about 4 days earlier to silk than Pioneer P0506AM brand corn.Companies use different formulas or methods to calculate GDUs and evaluate their corn products in different locations, so comparisons between companies are usually difficult.(Above) Corn GDD Tool output for Brown county,.October 17-24 for extreme southern Nebraska and the southeast corner of the state.Moisture Content - Grain, moisture Content - Whole Plant, silk.Date of Emergence 5/5 5/15 5/25 Beatrice 9/13 9/20 9/27 Grand Island 9/27 10/5 10/15 Holdrege 9/28 10/7 10/17 Indian Dave 9/8 9/15 9/21 Lincoln 9/10 9/16 9/23 McCook 9/25 10/3 10/12 Nebraska City 9/10 9/17 9/24 North wells fargo mortgage maturity date Platte 10/18 10/17 10/30 Red Cloud 9/17.If your field water-holding capacity is at 60, further irrigation may not be required.But planting corn products with different harvest moisture ratings (different maturities) may not always provide the desired difference.Another "fly in the ointment" is the fact that there are no agreed upon standards within the seed industry for the application of either method for assigning relative hybrid maturities.
One can use this relationship to estimate the GDDs from planting to black layer for other companies hybrids of similar relative maturities.
The average number of accumulated GDD from August 31 to October 8 during the past 5 years in this area is around 482.