maturity date for series ee bonds

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As of 2013, the Treasury now sells the bond at face value and the bond earns interest over time so you get more than the face value back when you cash.
Next interest date: Dec-09, final maturity date: Dec-23, face value: 500, issue date: May-94, price: 250, interest: 214.40, value: 464.40.May 1995 to May 2003: 17 years.A 100 Series EE bond, for instance, would cost you 50 at the time you bought.Your inventory will update to show the values or your bonds as of the date you enter.You've saved your file!Series EE savings bonds mature at different dates?You must follow the instructions for saving your inventory (above) once youve updated the values or added or removed bonds.Doubling Time, the Treasury guarantees that your savings bond will double in value in no more than 20 years.For instance, if you bought a search women ebay new Series EE savings bond today with a 1,000 face value (your cost 500) that earned a fixed rate.20, the active rate as of the day this was published, how long would it take to reach maturity.You could buy broadly diversified blue chip post card thick woman looking for a dog stocks and earn at least 3 or 4 on your money.All you need to do is use your browser's built-in saving function.It all comes down to the interest rate earned on your Series EE savings bonds.Paper EE bonds are sold for one-half of the denomination value and the interest earned accrues towards the guarantee of the bond eventually being worth the denomination printed on the bond.1, 2013, it will be worth at least 200 on Jan.