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Biological Activities 0447 Polynucleotides or polypeptides, or agonists or antagonists of the present invention, can be used in assays to test for one or more chat find biological activities.
60/246,532, filed on 08-Nov-2000; Application.
01186 A stock solution of 1 mg/ml fluo-4 is made in 10 pluronic acid dmso.
Similarly, polypeptides and antibodies directed to polypeptides of the present invention are useful to provide immunological probes for differential identification of testicular tissue(s) (e.g., immunohistochemistry assays) or cell type(s) (e.g., immunocytochemistry assays).01127 It is specifically understood that when activity is obtained in any of the assays described below using a supernatant, the activity originates from either the polypeptide of the present invention directly (e.g., as a secreted protein) or by polypeptide of the present invention inducing.If the putative chromosomal location of a polynucleotide of the invention (Query sequence) was associated with a disease in the Morbid Map database, an omim reference identification number was noted in column 9, Table IA, labeled "omim Disease Reference(s.Et., Bio/Technology 9: (1991).) Preferably, a polynucleotide of the present invention does not comprise the vector sequences identified for the particular clone in Table 7, as well as the conesponding plasmid vector sequences designated above.Typically, the reporter is an enzyme which is detected by incubating the solid phase in the presence of a suitable fluorometric, luminescent or colorimetric substrate (Sigma,.WO 93/20242; savings bond calculator maturity dates and Brenner and Lemer, 1992, Proc.0756 For sex offender local area example, the use of c-myc and c-myb antisense RNA constracts to inhibit the growth of the non-lymphocytic leukemia cell line HL-60 and other cell lines was previously described.Examples of anti-angiogenic inhibitors that act by blocking the function of endothelial cell-extracellular matrix adhesion molecules and which may be administered in combination with the compositons ofthe invention include, but are not Imited to, EMD-121974 (Merck KcgaA Darmstadt, Germany) and Vitaxin (Ixsys, La Jolla, CA/Medimmune.0442 Another method of local administration is to contact a polynucleotide constract of the present invention in or around a surgical wound.Representative examples include platelet factor 4; protamine sulphate; sulphated chitin derivatives (prepared from queen crab shells (Murata., Cancer Res.In this technique, an individual's genomic DNA is digested with one or more restriction enzymes, and probed on a Southern blot to yield unique bands for identifying personnel.Adpitional inpications (leave blank if not applicable) This information is continued on an additional sheet.Add 10 l of diluted primary antibody to the test and confrol wells.0832 Further prefened is an isolated polypeptide comprising an amino acid sequence at least 90 identical to a sequence of at least about 10 contiguous amino acids in the complete amino acid sequence of a polypeptide encoded by contained in Clone ID NO:Z 0833 Also.Plates are held at 4C for 30 min.(See.g., Smithies., Nature 317:230-234 (1985 Thomas Capecchi, Cell 51:503-512 (1987 Thompson., Cell 5:313-321 (1989 each of which is incorporated by reference herein in its entirety.) For example, a mutant, nonfunctional polynucleotide ofthe invention (or a completely unrelated DNA sequence) flanked.In a specific embodiment, the kits ofthe present invention contain a substantially isolated polypeptide comprising an epitope which is specifically immunoreactive with an antibody included in the kit.Media is removed from a sub-confluent plate of fibroblasts and quickly replaced with the media from the producer cells.Closure is then estimated by establishing the differences between the initial wound area (day 0) and that of post treatment (day 8).