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It didn't last long at all.
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He seems very stand- offish now and even said he feels like im pressuring him adult contacts in south to be with d its driving me insane!I may never tell him how I really feel, and how I love him, but as long as he is my friend I will be there for him if he needs.Men in that life are never supposed to 'snitch' and he received a harsher sentence because he refused to ll me crazy but the Scorpio in me melts over that kind of loyalty and 'integrity'.Scorpio woman, u have met your match.During lunch, he was a complete gentleman and touchy feely.But what do I know im only 16!I'm a Scorpio woman working towards a relationship with a Capricorn man.He is very book smart millionaire seeks wife, satellite and goal-oriented.I am usually a true swinger because I could read people very well and know who is full of it and who is not, me a true Scorpio girl.He is incredibly smart and ambitious.I met my cap by accident at a sports bar he liked my sense of humor.Hes so gentle and shy-I want him to be more authorities- I have loved him in the beginning of our chats after meeting.2 The song was written in the swamp rock 4 5 style of Creedence Clearwater Revival, in terms of the vocal, rhythm, and melodic style.I would tell him no we can't see each other for one reason or another and he loved the challenge and didn't back off.I didn't know he's capri until we hear from each other again recently.I'm in love with my cap.
Its going too slow n m really loosing patience.
Although we have been long distance.