local newspapers in southend essex

Southend Westcliff Graphic: First published 13th July 1907 it was last published on 19th April 1918.
Southend Telegraph: First published 31st March 1900, on the essex area team contact 25th February 1922 it became Southend Pictorial Telegraph it then became the Southend County Pictorial on 6th May 1922, This incorporated: The Southend, Westcliff Leigh Graphic, The Southend Pictorial Telegraph, The Southend Westcliff Graphic, The Leigh.
A Southend funfair is insisting that men do not bare their chests this summer.Southend Free Press: First published on 2nd September 1916 the paper only lasted until 2nd June 1917.Hold the Front page.Borough Recorder: First published 7th October 1908 running for 103 issues last appearing on 28th September 1910.Learn more about cookies, updated, updated, get involved with the news in your community.There have been a few banner changes over the years.There are married without dating free download two main sizes in the United Kingdom, the larger broadsheet newspaper typically measures 22 inches (560 millimetres) along its vertical edge, this format is employed by the more "City" newspapers such as the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph Sunday Telegraph, these are commonly know as the.If so please get in touch: email protected, borough News: 6th August 1920 six issues to January 1921.Published:, a Study for the Estuary - video.Most are printed on inexpensive paper with ink that rubs off on to your hands in you handle them for too long, they usually come on a daily or weekly basis.Published:, welcome to NetPark: the world's first invisible art gallery.Southend on Sunday: The first edition came out on Sunday 17th September 1995.Whilst the nationals cover the big international and UK stories as well as smaller UK news, news on celebrities, sport and general interest stories the smaller local stories will not often get a look in, for this reason smaller publishing houses set up throughout the country.The other most popular size of newspaper is the tabloids, such as The Sun, The Mirror and that Daily Star these are known as the "Popular Press" and are much smaller than tabloids.It featured articles on the Southend Hospital Serpent mosaics and car wrecks in Southend, including one in a wrecked boat!July 2011, weigh anchor with the film-maker James Price and the director of the Shorelines festival Rachel Lichtenstein as they set sail for Southend.Thameside Weekly: First published on 31st May 1924 renamed Thameside Mail 14th June 1924 ceased publication 12th June 1936.