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It is also 2) cheaper than most five star hotels that you can find.
Anna: I like long jeans.
All the walls inside and outside the house are plastic.The train was late again.Do you 4) mind if saucy dating site I listen to some music?It didnt seem fair that you 4) were studying when we were enjoying ourselves!One thing that I really love here is custard.17 Complete the lists with the words from the box.The man you saw is a gardener.Which and that refer to objects maturity date for futures and things.Perhaps the most interesting display is The House of the Future a vision of life at the end of the twentieth century.I couldnt miss the chance and took the interview for readers of the site.I feel excited when Im on holiday.I came to know from some people that there are many cases where women have to support men as they are not very keen in working.On a cold evening I like sitting in my warm, cozy living room.I must have someone who isnt afraid to take a risk and who sees life as an adventure.Women in London wants to be a carrier woman and do not like to get married and carry out duty of wife and mother.The people who matter in your life will respect and love you because of who you are, not because of what youve got or what sort of car you drive.The new house isnt as comfortable as the old one.Who are the Joneses?0) Can I use your mobile phone, please?I havent had a worse day in my life.