guys and eye contact during sex

Just him and the adventure.
This isn't all about you and what you are getting (even with casual encounters so be a good lover.Personally I always keep eye contact during oral.Most men get uncomfortable and look away, but I want you to look.Create a unique experience.He was telling me he loved me even before we had spoken the actual words.Its as if you are greeting your partner as the true you.It makes me worry that hes thinking of someone else.I love looking in his eyes.The hallmark of an excellent lover is in the details.I mean, staring someone in the eyes on the regular can be a bit intimidating; now subtract clothes, add penetration, find display of disabled woman and a person could really begin to fret.The way your eyes smile.Many people are shy during sex simply hornymatches jokeroo because they've never practiced keeping their eyes open.The one of total desire.But maybe the opposite is happening.That single thought expands, becomes.As a matter of fact, there was a time (an extensive period of time) I preferred to do it by myself.It doesnt mean he wants to be with someone else; its just fantasizing.