free contact with the deceased

So be on the lookout for those dreams. .
The dead dont leave us, they just change form. .
Over time, the deceased spirit will try to send signs that they are still there, that their energy aadult friend continues to exist. .Whether or not you are able to initiate direct communication with a deceased loved one, please know that they are with you, can hear you, and still love you. .This is a simple way to contact someone who has passed.You will need the following items for this spell: 3 white candles a pendulum (can be a homemade) a picture of the one you have lost.Talk out loud, speak in your mind, they can hear you. .I believe 100 that these are real communications. .This will increase your vibration and frequency and make the connection a little closer. .If you suspect the content of this page to be intentionally deceiving please contact us immediately.Do your best to receive their signs and open yourself up for their communication. .When you think of them, send some love through that conduit, and who knows, you may feel some love coming down to you too.But nothing could be further from the truth. .You can absolutely communicate with your loved ones. .