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Ill comment on the other big topic in the Industry aired at the Conference at a later date - namely CAP reform.
After my recent campaign to drive up prices one of the processors said that I was not an analyst but certainly an anal something at the present time.
The result was that George (the old man whose best mate wrote the Doomsday Book) retained his position whilst the younger farmer (aged around 35) was told your time will come, lad. .
Farm Nymph Smut.The 70 million to be paid by Arla Milk Partnership producers from January dan from essex dating eastenders star 2012 is a thorny subject, mainly on the grounds that if its an investment it should pay a market rate on any capital invested in the business. .Wisemans implemented their first price drop in 30 months, with its.2p cut, passing back 69 of the reduction and absorbing 32 itself.Gay, Farm eHarmony Princess.If its not milked out its disqualified. .I am afraid you only have to look at the collapse of DFB as evidence of what eventually happens. .There is lots to play for, and its game on in GB re processor consolidation.Hopefully when the report is updated pension details for all will be covered because I feel it is a crucial area farmers need to be aware.Super Hot Ex.I ask this, then: do the NFUs positions all have to be filled by farmers?Comments to or fax IP June 2009 DF Ex-DFB man strikes out on yoghurt trail The Dairy Industry Newsletter Annual Conference was another gathering of the movers and shakers involved in the UK and European dairy industry.He said none of them had the ability, with one members experience extending to only the local golf club.It didnt answer my questions remotely satisfactorily, and consequently I couldnt see any point in writing to them.Finally, we all know that as far as liquid milk is concerned the retailers are not the major problem, but the middleground battleground.Its going to get tougher and regrettably there will be casualties.