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Most speakers expect world dairy commodity prices to remain strong throughout 2010, especially now cheese production is declining.
The Intervention Board made a similar gaff in 1996, however they did subsequently issue an apology.
Having said that its the margin which matters and sex dating app review falling feed prices will offer some relief.
That will change next year, I feel, because the low milk volumes and high spot prices must mean that the amount of cheese made is much lower in the second half of the year compared to the first, and stocks must be sex in local area being whittled down.The internal Arla family dispute is one which will have to be addressed, and soon, if the afmp Roadmap to membership of amba is going to be a success.There is evidence cheese processors are trying to get more money out of the market place but its far from easy.Across the world milk supplies are also low, at the same time as demand from Asia and China is phenomenal and worldwide dairy stocks are generally low - apart from in the US where they are at record levels and thus tempering market prices there.The other liquid milk pricing deal FFA negotiated with Iceland looks fantastic as a headline, but as always the devil is in the detail.Comment to IP July 2012 I start this months article by referring to another one - an article by Dragons Den guru Deborah Meaden in a recent Farmers Weekly.Neither of these are what the farmers signed.Numerous dairy issues have hit the media radar in recent weeks, which have required a well informed, coordinated, industry response.And all for just 65p more per litre than normal"!Personally I think we are in stormy, unchartered waters, and Im not sure its right to change the people in charge of the ship at such a time, or that the outcome will be different with new management.Will it be remembered as the best in dairying?Note: I am reliably informed that Devon and Cornwall milk is being processed by Wiseman and that Tesco segregation is a complete sham.