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The response from Jones can be summarised fairly easily: F-off.Once the afmp Roadmap to full membership of Arla amba is dating adult services finder friend region facts agreed then the ball game changes completely.Nor is there any guaranteed price for the calves or to the finisher for the beef.Inevitably you will miss the highsbut you will also miss the lows!But having thought about it further perhaps nfus were sending a very clever coded message that it would be better for a poor performing buyer to drop the farm gate milk price and risk losing suppliers, so long as that gave it a better chance.They dont want producer confidence dented to the point farmers either cut back on production or leave.No doubt we will soon hear a list of reasons and excuses why those milk buyers who cited a drop in commodity values as the reason for price drops cannot or will not pass on the current fruits of rising markets.Another said: I am stuck milking 48 cows for my father and I start at 7am, finish at 11pm, seven days a week without a day off. .He has, for anyone who doesnt know, decided to retire. .The NFU has been banging on about contracts and the need to change them for years, and has, frankly, made minimal progress.If Wisemans, Dairy Crest, Arla and the co-ops were smart they would immediately take the lead and declare ex-farm gate milk price increases before Tesco sits down with its sustainable dairy group.Following on from a recent article I am pleased to see that Yew Tree Dairies (aka Woodcocks) will, by the time this article is out, have launched the first farmer orientated futures trading price contracts.Having said that, though, it is not alone on this score.The fact this happens was conveniently overlooked in The Weeklys article, though.And now theres even better news!But despite it making them a laughing stock its serious as these figures feed into the Commissions Milk Market Observatory.Having said that I noticed that in DFBs latest weekly members bulletin of spin they claimed we heard from speakers at last weeks Dairy Industry Conference They certainly didnt and thats was a lie.The Milk Marketing Forum (part of The Dairy Council) believes the return on investment is good, showing both encouraging results and that it is changing attitudes and will permanently increase liquid milk consumption.Knox, David (25 February 2016).
It could get worse.
This costs 10,000 times more than tap water, but does the same job.