essex police speeding fine contact number

Essex Police takes speeding very seriously.
The standard driving penalty imposed is 3 to 6 points and a fine of atleast 100.
I have written to the Lincs Police, because this seems very fraudulent.Speed awareness course, gives drivers adult finder match caught speeding the chance to complete a workshop to help them understand the consequences of speeding rather than be issued with a fixed penalty notice resulting in three penalty points and a 100 fine.Two weeks later the police phoned me to say sorry, they read the number plate wrong!The information contained within our package is exclusive.Secondly you will also be taught in car by a practical driving instructor (not all driving awareness courses in the UK feature the practical driving lessons).As a motorist you pay your fair share to use the public roads and what benefits to you receive in return?Your download speed will vary depending on your internet connection speed.Drivers with learner licences or those who fall under the.Furthermore, some vehicles will be required to drive at a different maximum speed such as goods vehicles over.5 tonnes and cars towing a caravan.We provide you with a package that the Government should give to all motorists as standard.The reason we ask you to use our contact form is that due to a high number of unsolicited emails we had to remove our support email address from our public website.There is so much information squeezed into our package!SP20 is not a code used very often.There are a number of driving offence lawyers that can help you avoid a speeding offence.