east sussex local development plan

Background, planning applications are considered against the policies set out in The National Planning Policy Framework, policies in the City Plan Part One (adopted in March 2016) and the remaining retained policies in the Brighton Hove Adopted Local Plan (adopted 2005).
They are non-statutory documents.
It is an alternative to working with the District Council on the Development and Site Allocations (DaSA) Local Plan.The Local Plan is being prepared by the Strategy indian women looking for German men and Environment section of the Strategy and Planning Division.Sustainability Appraisal which evaluates the social, economic and environmental impacts of policies and strategies in a Local Plan to ensure that the policies and strategies are in accordance with Sustainable Development Objectives.The individual documents that will comprise, and support, the Local Plan (2011-2028) are set out below. .Hence, they continue to be applied for the purposes of development management until rescinded as and when relevant policies in the new Local Plan (2011-2028) are adopted. .East Sussex, South Downs and Brighton Hove Waste and Minerals Local Plan.For more information, see the.Answers to your questions about shale gas and hydraulic fracturing or fracking and the situation in East Sussex.The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) which provides the protocols for public involvement in the preparation and subsequent review of policy documents and planning applications.If you would like to contact this section, please telephone, email or write to us using the details below: Strategy and Environment Section, strategy and Planning Division, town Hall.This 2015 Housing Land Audit explanation 268kb provides a guide to understanding the Housing Land Audit tables.A version of the Brighton and Hove Local Plan (as at March 2016) is available to view which contains those retained policies which were not replaced by policies in the City Plan Part One.The Core Strategy which sets out the Council's long-term spatial vision and policies to deliver that vision.Please see the Pre-application advice section.Minerals and Waste matters are dealt with jointly by East Sussex County Council, South Downs National Park Authority and Brighton Hove County Council.It is noted that the policies of the Local Plan adopted in 2006 have been 'saved' and they remain part of the statutory 'development plan'.Local Plan 2006 page.Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD which elaborate upon a policy or proposal in the Local Plan.The most recent update is at The Audit sets out the current planning status of all housing sites and illustrates levels of programming over a 7 year period.
Scoping of this document has begun and a number of background studies have been commissioned.