baby gender prediction formula

Answers from Houston on September 27, 2010 Wow, it adult contacts in argyle iowa dating and unprotected sex worked for.
Unfortunately, the exact origin is unknown.Answers from Springfield on September 28, 2010.Answers from Kansas City on October 02, 2010.But have a boy 1 mom rtl men looking for women found this helpful.C.Find out your babys gender with the.Answers from Joplin on September 27, 2010 Ok so I tried this and it was completely opposite for me it said the baby I had in 95 should have been a girl, Tyler is all boy.This formula is not only useful to newly married couples but also to older ones who are still fertile for this purpose. .Louis on September 27, 2010.11) This formula is not 100 perfect.Parent's compatibility by zodiac signs.1 mom found this helpful,.G.I am a self-publisher of books as favorite hobby.Many years ago, my late father told me about a mathematical formula that can detemine the sex of the child of a pregnant mother.