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Large skyscrapers dominate Lower Manhattan, then retreat as does hard bedrock to build on in those areas, then reemerges in Midtown.
Surrounding the university of essex mail city are numerous recreation areas: Long Island beaches, the Poconos, the Hudson Valley, and free local sex in cherry creek south dakota the Jersey Shore, to name only a few.
Other suburbs give workers access to New York by freeway or by rail lines across the Hudson or to northern New Jersey.The borough of Manhattan, a 10-mile-long, 2-mile-wide island, is the financial, commercial, and entertainment core.Smaller but very upscale areas lie east along the Long Island Sound (Rye being an example) and north along the Hudson as the smaller towns of Tarrytown, Ossining and Croton-on-Hudson.Home prices there can be five to six times higher for comparable properties in surrounding boroughs.Safer sex greatly reduces the risk of STDs (e.g.Coastal noreaster storms can produce significant snow.The Bronx area, on the mainland to the north of Manhattan, is the grittiest of the three areas, although its strategic location between the city and to better areas north is starting to bring some interest.All are close to the city and offer relatively more living space, and all are experiencing verying degrees of economic and residential revival.Late summer and fall rains associated with tropical storms may occur.Midtown is the commercial center, with corporate headquarters, various media businesses, and world-class shopping along Fifth Avenue.The New York area offers a rich assortment of amenities, with world-class dining, shopping, and performing arts including theater, symphony, opera, and live music.West Nyack is a large family-oriented middle class area.Income differentials between wealthy workers and others are high, and overall the Buying Power Index is usually the worst in the country, suggesting that incomes dont keep up with costs.Please report suspected exploitation of minors.Finally, the New York metro area includes northern suburbs stretching up into Westchester County between the east bank of the Hudson River and the Connecticut border.The only 100, free dating service.Numerous major-league teams play in the area, including the MLB Yankees and Mets, NBA Knicks, NFL Giants and Jets, and NHL Islanders and Rangers.Precipitation is distributed fairly evenly throughout the year.
Ethnic diversity is strong in all boroughs, while Queens is reputedly the most ethnically diverse area in the country.